This website is about how to keep in shape, many things such as balanced diets, great exercises that you'll be able to do at home and about mental and physical illnesses that I'm sure will benefit you. You can also learn how your some athletes keep their diet, maybe you could try as well.

Now the types of exercises that help you get in shape and burn those calories! Just doing the simplest exercises can help you lose weight. Exercises such as:


Also, stretching is a great way to make sure your muscles don't stiffen and you feel in pain all the time. (Also so you don't feel like an old lady!) Some great stretches that can help your muscles are :


Playing sports is also a good way to get into shape some of the sports are:


This website also talks about the famous tennis player Andy Murray's diet plan and how he keep in shape.

The mental illnesses that will be included in this website will be :

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