How to treat mental illnesses

The mental illnesses in this page are going to be about :



Depression is a serious mental illness. People who are depressed tend to :

Depression is cause when someone feels like they are not up to people's standards, feel worthless, People who are depressed may also self harm, starve themselves. With women these problems quite a problem, they feel that they're not beautiful. For both genders they feel like they aren't loved by anyone even if there family and friends adore them. For example A famous quarterback Terry Bradshaw who had suffered from depression,the reason for that is he suffered from memory loss, the reason for that when he was playing American football his helmet was pounding on his head. Sadly he never recovered from his depression, but there are ways to overcome depression with exercise and eating healthily.

Terry Bradshaw

Ways you can overcome depression are:

Some other ways to deal with depression are to :



Anxiety is caused when a person is always anxious about something, they always worry about every little thing coming their way. Anxiety is hard on a person because the person may get an anxiety attack where they start hyperventilating, some other symptoms of anxiety are :

How you can over come anxiety with exercise is :

Other ways to help with Anxiety are to listen to your favourite type of music while exercising, sleep, see a therapist



Stress is probably something everyone goes through, whether you're rushing to finish your assessments, or getting ready for an important business meeting. Although if you are seriously stressed it can take a toll on your health. The side affects of stress are :

Some ways to handle stress are to just lie on your bed and listen to music, go on a vacation just by yourself our with family and friends, read a good book, sleep, do your hobbies. For exercising some ways are :

Obesity effects

Obesity can also have it's effects on your mental health. Obesity usually drops your self-esteem, feeling that you won't be able to do anything. People who have obesity lose all there confidence because... They are obese. Other children bully these obese children simply because they weight more than the average. This drops their confidence by a ton. They won't socialize much and keep to themselves. This can lead to Depression. Although as said in the previous page, exercise can benefit you by making you fitter and boost up your self-esteem.


Anorexia can take a toll on your mental health as well. The costant fear of gaining too much weight and not being skinny enough, anorexic's also think, even if there justskin and bones that they are OBESE/FAT This can lead to all of the above, Depression, Anxiety and Stress Although Exercise and a healthy diet can benefit anorexic's by making them healthier and fitter.


This a little note for all of you who are obese, anorexic,Depressed, who have Anxiety, stress or even sucidal. YOU ARE WORTH SOMETHING! don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I know this isn't really related to health but I just want to tell you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME, YOU ARE WORTH SOMETHING, YOU ARE ENOUGH No matter what people say you are the best you can be. "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" Keep being yourself, bacause the world needs someone like you. Anyone who tells you that you're not beautifu/handsome, if you think you don't live to certain people's expectations. THEY ARE WRONG! I hope this message helps you because I have been there a few times(Stressed) it happens to a lot of people. I am not nearly close enough to people who have it worse. I'm here to tell you that, once again. YOU ARE ENOUGH! "You may not be plastic, but you're fantastic! Never forget that"- Louis Tomlinson (I know I put 1D but it speaks out doesnt it?) People love you and so do I (Even though I don't know you, still love you! Trust me I'm in a place where I'm sisters with people I don't even know!) I hope this message cheered you up!

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