A Healthy Diet!/ How to treat obesity

A healthy diet is important for our body as well. Being fit doesn't mean you're just exercising. It also means that you're eating healthily and taking care of your body systems. These diet tips can benefit you.

What you should eat more of :

You should eat more vegetables, grains, fruits and nuts since these foods are like a natural medicine, all these foods help with diseases and illnesses and this is what we'll be talking about here as well as obesity. If your diet consists of high amounts of sugar and fats,you are most likely to be gaining weight if you are not working it off. Here are reasons why you should be eating healthier, it does you a great deal.

The categories will be Fruit and vegetables, whole grains, proteins and fats and oil Also, you have to be careful on how many Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, VItamins, Minerals, Fibers and Water you eat, we only have to take in certain amounts of these, if you take too much of one thing you are most likely to get a disease

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and Vegetables

If you eat a large amount of fatty and high sugar foods, you can increase your chance of getting a heart/cardiovascular disease, fruits and vegetables will be able to prevent that. You can find many vitamins, minerals and fiber in these foods. The types of vitamins you can find in fruits and vegatbles are :

Vitamin C helps with repairing your cells, your absorption of iron, Enhance your immune system making you less prone to diseases, have healthy gums and fast wound healing and helps you recover from bruising and infections. Vitamin C can be found in :

And they're many more

Vitamin A also helps you with repairing your cells, helps with the tissue of your skin, Enhance your immune system and can heighten your resistance to diseases. Vitamin A can be found in :

Vitamin B-6 and B-12 helps you with your central nerve function, it's necessary for the immune system and needed for your metabolism. These vitamins can be found in :

Whole grains

Whole Grains

Whole grains are a rich source of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, they also contain a good amount of fiber. WHole grains help you to have a constant blood sugar level, aid digestion, Control your appetite, reduce your cholesterol, remove toxins and improve your digestion. Some whole grains that are beneficial :

According to a study people who eat whole grains have a high chance of preventing heart disease.



Protein is greatly needed for your muscles, it produces amino acids, which are needed daily for a person. Protein helps with regular blood sugar, insulin balance, produce hormones that help with moods and sleep, detoxify, help with production of skin tissue, build muscle and promote wound healing. Protein can be found in :

Fats and oils

Healthy Fats and oils

We still do need some fats in our diet, the good type of fat unlike junk food. Fats and oils are needed for insulation of organs, healthy joints, a healthy gut and immune system function. The types of food with beneficial fats are :

Now onto what types of nutrients we need and the amounts :

Food Pyramid

Carbohydrates are our main source of energy, they contain sugar and starch which give you your energy and is needed for the body. Foods with carbohydrates are to be found in vegetables, and whole grains. They can also be found in foods such as bread, rice and pasta. Although if you take too many carbohydrates, most of them turn into fat. (sad isn't it?). Insulin resistance can also occur. Insulin is the hormone that transports glucose to the blood stream and the cells. If this happens you could be able to have diabetes. Chaos can occur, when there isn't any insulin in the body, the glucose can get clustered in your blood stream, making it blocked and that could cause high blood pressure.


Fats also give us energy, but they do it very slowly, they also store our energy, so if you have a lot of fat, it also keeps you warm. Foods with fats in them are found in the following above. If you take too many fats, you are most likely to gain weight, but fat doesn't just make you gain weight, it also can raise your cholesterol level, equalling blocked arteries, making it narrower and less blood will flow around your body. It also causes hypertension(high blood pressure), this can be dangerous because affects many things essential to life, such as the kidneys, since kidneys remove the waste from our body, high blood pressure can lead to toxic shock and failure of organs. High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks and strokes, blood clots in the arteries can lead to a stroke as well as a heart attack since there is not enough blood going to your brain and coming back to your heart. Heart attacks and strokes can be fatal.

Vitamins and minerals

Unlike the rest of the food groups which need large amount, vitamins and minerals are needed in small amounts, (Except for calcium) Vitamins and minerals can be found in the following above. If you take too many vitamins that are fat soluble your body holds onto the excess. If you take too many minerals such as iron, it can lead to joint pain, fatigue, and even depression. A high dose of calcium could lead to heart disease.


Fiber is a nutrient that helps wit digestion and waste removal. Fiber makes your stool soft and easy to be removed from the body. Too much fiber on the other hand can cause loose stools, diarrhoea, discomfort in abdominal regions, gas and bloating.


Water is an essential for the body. Not enough water can lead to dehydration. Water is needed to keep yourself hydrated. You many think that water has no disadvantages, well so did I, well you and me my friend were very wrong. Water has benefits but WATER CAN KILL! yes, KILL! In 2012. a woman by the name of Jennifer Strange was in a contest of drinking 6 litres for a competion for a Nintendo Wii called 'Hold your Wee, for a Wii.' Jennifer vomited and went home with a splitting headache, later she DIED! of so called water intoxication If we drink too much water in a short amount of time, our kidneys are unable to clean out everything, making the bloodstream waterlogged. Excess water leaves the blood and enters the cells, making them swell like balloons.


Protein is a nutrient we need for our muscles, we constantly need protein, as we exercise we lose the protein from our muscles thus our muscles will be weak. Although if we take too much protein it can lead to weight gain, yeast overdose, and even cancer.

Obesity and Diabetes


Obesity is not similar to just being overweight, obesity IS an illness Obesity can be caused by too much intake of high sugary, fatty foods. (junk food) Especially if you don't exercise. All the fat is stored up in your belly and it's hard to lose weight if you are overly obese. In BMI (Body mass index) you are considered obese if you are over 30, obesity can lead to things such as low self esteem , depression or even death. Although, how to treat obesity is to exercise your hardest and be determine to eat healthily, of course you can have a few treats here and there but the most important thing is too be healthy, your life could be at stake, Obesity could lead to blocked arteries, making your blood flow bad and have a risk of having heart disease/attack, and type 2 diabetes. The effects of diabetes are you are always thirsty, blurred vision (you can even go blind!), weakness and drowsiness. WHen you have diabetes you have to constantly watch your blood sugar level and how much sugar your food has and write it down in a journal. Diabetes could also be passed from generations. Ways to prevent them are control your weight, do the exercises and sports from this page, Be active : Turn off the telly and get moving! Maintain your diet, for obese and diabetic people have to eat less fatty and sugary foods and more of the other nutrients. Skip the sodas and cordials, try drinking fresh juices, tea and coffee. Eat the good fats instead of the bad ones. LImit your red meat and don't eat processed meat. If you smoke, QUIT! You already have diabetes, do you want lung cancer as well? Smokers are 50% more likely to get diabetes rather than non-smokers.


Anorexia is another illness where a person will starve him or herself. This was very common in teenage girls at first but now it has been happening to teenage boys, and adult men and women as well. When a person staves themselves they do become skinnier, the type of skinny where your bones are visible and you have absolutely no fat or muscles on your body. Anorexia makes you weaker as well, with less food equals less energy. Take sally for an example:


Sally is 23 years old and currently in college, and is working as a part time model. Sally has been an anorexic ever since she was 18, the reason she is an anorexic is that she was a little overweight as a kid and she had been bullied because of that. Sally has a diet of very limited food. She barely has anything and she does skip her meals. Since she is a model she has a weigh in where she has to be under a certain amount of weight or that specific weight in order to keep her modelling job. Sally isn't a very social person, when invited to social events she usually refuses since she is too tired from her job and college. Anorexia can take a big toll on your mental health as well. Although there are many ways to overcome it.

How to overcome anorexia

Lifestyle changes

Her lifestyle choices are that she chooses not to eat in order to be skinny/thin, she doesn't have enough calories for the average adult woman, she her intake is extremely below the average. As for her food choices, she needs more proteins, fats and carbohydrates for her body in order to gain some weight.


Exercise will be able to build up her muscle mass and strengthen them as well. This way she'll be able to get fitter and stronger.


She really needs to improve on her eating habits, she needs to eat proper meals (no skipping) with proper amounts of food. Also she needs to focus on gaining weight.


Some advice I would give her is that please don't skip your meals. Eat the proper amounts of food and exercise to build up those muscles, because this isn't healthy at all.

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