Exercising and playing sports are a great way in order to lose weight. If you're obese then try doing these workouts slowly then gradually build up in order to get a healthy and fit body.


Jogging is an easy and great way to lose a few pounds. If you're an obese person start off with a 100 meters, the gradually go up and soon you'll be able to a Kilometer! Jogging helps strengthen your quadriceps, calf muscles. WHen running, your heart sends more blood to your legs. Jogging is an exercise where it increases your heart rate and strengthen your leg muscles. Although even with Jogging there is a specific time to do it. It's best if you take a jog early in the morning. This has many benefits. You get more oxygen for your lungs, it's much cooler in the morning rather than the afternoon and evening. (We wouldn't like being to sticky and sweaty! EW!) Did you know that in the morning, you burn your fat instead of calories? The reason for this is that we use our calories while we're sleeping.

Benefits of jogging


Squats are a great way to strengthen your leg muscles and your bum muscles. It also helps with the blood circulation throughout your body. They help with your digestion as well, it helps you remove waste from your body. The squatting action helps improve your flow of fluids and eases your bowel movements. They also help build your muscles throughout your body and don't have much impact on your back, so your back won't be aching by the time you finish. Squats also improve your posture, when doing squats it can help you walk straight and tall. Of course it also helps burn your fat off and they keep your knees in shape and flexible and they also tone the entire leg. A person should do fifteen squats a day with high intensity. For obese people try doing 5 a day with low intensity, then slowly go up to fifteen with the same amount intensity. WHen you feel confident that you can do it at a higher level, start from 5 again but the intensity should be at a medium range, then again go up to fifteen. Then gradually follow the pattern until a high intensity.

Jumping jacks/ star jumps


Jumping jacks or star jumps may be or seem easy, and you probably think that it doesn't do much for your body. Well you dear reader are WRONG! Jumping jacks have many benefits to the body and those benefits are :

Jumping jacks


Burpees are another effective way in order to lose weight. The steps on how to do a burpee is :

  1. Stand straight and squat down
  2. Push your legs so that you are on all fours
  3. Do a press up
  4. Bring your legs in
  5. Then quickly jump up

How burpees benefit you are that:

A normal person would probably do 3 sets of 8 on burpees. If you are obese try doing one set for 2 weeks, then gradually go on to 2 sets and then 3. Remember to take it slow at firs or else you might strain your muscles. (Trust me, I've been there)


Effective sports

Playing sports are also a great way to lose weight and get your muscles working. If you like these sports then you're in luck! Just make sure you actually like DOING these sports instead of WATCHING them yeah? Anyways ONTO THE BENEFITS!

Football (soccer)

Football (soccer) is another great way to get into shape. The benefits are :



Basketball is another sport where it benefits your body. The benefits are :



Tennis, another awesome sport that can help you shape up. The benefits of tennis are :